Karro Food Group develops pork products across categories to meet consumer demand. We process pork across the different production systems; Indoor and Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared, Freedom Food and raised without antibiotic pigs. We breed our own pigs from our farms in Brydock, Scotland, as well as sourcing animals from farmers local to our operations.


We have strong farming links across the country going back many years; in fact, many of the farmers in our Yorkshire farm base have been working with us for over three generations. This approach has helped us secure an award winning reputation for optimal welfare standards and high quality pork products, and ensures that we have unrivalled production chain traceability.

We develop specific ranges with our farming partners to meet customer demand, including Indoor & Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared, Freedom Food and raised without antibiotic.

At our Brydock Farms site in Aberdeenshire, we have 24,000 outdoor sows and produce 12,000 of our own high welfare pigs every week. The welfare of our animals is of the highest priority at the farm and across our business. All our pigs are bred outdoors and are kept and processed in the most humane way possible, with full adherence to UK welfare standards. This commitment to welfare and humane farming was recognised with a Compassion in World Farming Award in 2011 when we were presented with a Leadership in Pig Welfare award

Karro Food Group is part of the Food Industry Initiative on Antimicrobials which has the stated vision of 'Retailers, manufacturers, processors and food service companies coming together to promote and support responsible antimicrobial use and action on antimicrobial resistance.'

The intention of this initiative is to support and engage with existing industry groups working in this area, ensuring work is aligned, avoiding duplication of effort and it has 3 key working groups on Responsible Use, Data & Research and Development.